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Corporate Governance and Social Responsability 


Corporate Governance and Evaluation Committee Report of Codensa S.A. ESP

In accordance to Good Governance rules established by the Colombian law, the Company´s Bylaws, the Code of Corporate Governance and the Board of Directors’ Internal Regulations, the Corporate Governance and Evaluation Committee of the Board of Directors’ presents annually in the Shareholders Ordinary Meeting, a detailed report of all the activities executed by the company.

To access the latest Corporate Governance and Evaluation Committee report click here (available only in Spanish).

Good Governance practices of Codensa S.A. ESP

  • Creation of an Investor Relations Area in 2008, directed specifically to attend all investor questions and consultations and in order to facilitate the flow of information to the different interest groups.
  • Semester information events with the financial and investor community in Bogota City.
  • Quarterly conference calls to present the Company´s results to local and international investors
  • One on one meetingswith local and international investors
  • Annual meetings where the CEO presents the latest results and the strategy to all company employees.
  • Disclosure of relevant information and events events in the Financial Superintendency and company’s website.
  • Internal disclosure of the Code of Good Governance
  • Integration Programs and adoption of best practices in transparency and ethical conduct with our contractors.
  • Adoption of the New Code of Ethics, which includes ethical commitments and responsibilities, in management of businesses and its related activities, subscribed by the Company´s contactors and its subsidiary companies, whether they are administrators or employees, of any kind, in those companies.
  • Endesa Group Ethical Channel
  • pursuant to the Code of Good Governance.
  • Adoption of the Zero Tolerance Plan to Corruption and development of an implementation plan of its 231 guidelines, pursuant to anti-corruption and criminal regulations of Italian legislation in 2010.
  • Standardization and implementation of the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations “COSO” and Sarbanex Oxley regulation in order to mitigate risks and secure the quality of the relevant information reported to markets.