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 CODENSA Continues Working On Improving Bogota’s Public Lighting System 

 11/13/2014  Bogotá 


• So far this year, more than 2,500 new lights have been installed in the city. • Bogotá is currently in the process of modernizing its public lighting system with LED technology. The installation thereof will begin in December.

With an investment of close to $32,000 million, CODENSA, in coordination with the Special Public Services Administrative Unit (UAESP, in its Spanish acronym), has installed 2,530 new lighting  points along roads, intersections and parks in different localities  year-to-date. In addition,150,000 technical repairs were carried out for the city's public lighting system.

The new lights, the equivalent of the lighting dimensions of a population similar to Sopó, have been installed in strategic locations with high pedestrian or vehicular traffic. Some of the points where this work was carried out are Cantón Norte; avenue 3 with streets 19 and 26, between streets 31 South and 26, and Las Cruces..

These expansion projects have benefited the inhabitants of all the city's neighborhoods, focusing on one hundred neighborhoods considered to have critical security issues. These areas are a part of the Plan 75/Cien, an initiative of the Bogotá City Hall that seeks to improve the general conditions of public services in the city's most critical areas. These projects also involve the intervention of 120 pedestrian bridges and the recuperation of the areas and paths under eight vehicular bridges.

Another important focus is corrective maintenance works. CODENSA, in coordination with the UAESP, has assisted in 12 intersections with 200 works to improve lighting, along with changes or maintenance for 220 lights (which corresponds to around 6.5 kilometers of roadway). The works have included cleaning the optical system, maintaining infrastructure, replacing of lights, installing new lights or upgrading existing lights in the intersections of: Boyacá Avenue, with streets 13 and 19, Autopista Norte, with streets 179 and 100, Caracas Avenue, with streets 53, 19, and 13, NQS Avenue, with streets 19 and 13, Ciudad de Cali Avenue, with streets 13 and 22, and in Avenue 68 with street 80, among others.  

In general, progress has been made in the recovery, repair or improvement of close to 150,000 lighting points throughout the city.

It should be noted that, of the lights that had to be replaced for maintenance throughout the city, almost 2,000 were robbed or damaged due to vandalism.


The first phase of the city's modernization project for lighting with LED technology has already begun with the purchase of the first lot of 11,000 lights. These will arrive in Bogotá the last week of November, and installation will begin in December. An investment of more than $19,000 million will be made in this first phase.

The city has made progress in this program with the development of pilot plans in certain areas. That served to define the city's best purchase option in order to initiate the mass modernization plan. These pilot programs currently amount to 374 LED lights in strategic points throughout the city.

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