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 CODENSA and EMGESA Participate In The Founding of the Colombian Network Against Child Labor 

 12/2/2014  Bogotá 


• The companies form part of the group of 14 firms that today signed the agreement certifying them as members of the Network and as promoters of strategies, programs and projects for the prevention and eradication of child labor. • As part of the network’s formation, the experiences of countries where the initiative is already in place, such as Ecuador, Brazil, and Argentina, were drawn upon.

CODENSA and EMGESA were among the companies that signed the agreement that gave rise to the Colombian Network Against Child Labor, an initiative spearheaded by the Ministry of Labor and supported by the International Labor Organization (ILO), the Global Compact in Colombia, and several strategic allies representing companies, business associations, and state bodies.

With the signing of this agreement, born from a public-private sector alliance, the companies seek to promote the inclusion of strategies, programs or projects aimed at eradicating child labor, both within the firms themselves and in their areas of influence, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

For the formation of the Colombian Network Against Child Labor and aided by the Global Compact in Colombia, the Ministry of Labor established a roundtable to discuss, articulate, learn, and disseminate the good practices in which businesspeople, the government, labor unions and civil society participated to express the commitment of these entities to Principle No. 5 of the Global Compact, which establishes that companies must support the eradication of child labor.

The group of companies that founded the Network is made up of Telefónica, Asocaña, Pacific Rubiales, Compensar, Cafam, Aviatur, Grupo Argos, THX Energy, Mineros S.A., Asocolflores, Petrocombustión, Sator, Codensa and Emgesa.

"Our adherence to this Ministry of Labor initiative is a product of our conviction at Emgesa and Codensa to respect the rights of children, and is the route towards a fairer, more balanced environment. We have been concentrating our efforts on education, as a path to form better citizens and good people. Today, by signing up to this Network Against Child Labor, we continue to advance in our commitment to the country, certain that by pooling the efforts of the ministry and the companies, we can pursue increasingly ambitious and high-impact goals", said Lucio Rubio, CEO in Colombia.

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