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 CODENSA and Uaesp completed Bogotá’s First LED Public Lighting System 

 12/10/2014  Bogotá 


• The first phase of the public lighting modernization project includes the installation of 11,800 lights. • The modernization project includes the installation of 33,000 LED lights in Bogotá. • The total investment will be for nearly $70,000 million.

In the presence of Bogotá's Mayor, Gustavo Petro, and the Director of the Special Public Services Administrative Unit (UAESP, in its Spanish acronym), Ilva Nubia Herrera, CODENSA will officially deliver Bogotá's first road completely lit with LED technology tonight. The road is 72nd Street between 7th Avenue and Caracas Avenue, where 98 lights of this technology were installed as part of the public lighting modernization project.

72nd Street is part of the 31 roads that will be lit in the first phase of the project, which is expected to be completed in March 2015.

The first phase includes the installation of 11,800 LED lights, which will require an investment of $19,000 million. In addition to the completed road, work is being done on 9th Avenue between 15th and 19th Street, and 7th Avenue between 187th and 234th Street where 40 more lights have been installed up to now. It is expected to be finished around mid-December.

Nearly 70,000 million pesos will be invested in the total public lighting modernization project with LED technology and 33,000 lights of this technology will be installed on approximately 90 of the main road corridors of the capital, previously selected by the Special Public Services Administrative Unit (UAESP, in its Spanish acronym).

“Bogotá has embarked on one of the most important public lighting projects in its history, which will provide the city with the most efficient, economic and reliable lighting, in addition to evolving toward an eco-friendly system,” said David Felipe Acosta, CEO of CODENSA. 

LED technology for public lighting has multiple economic, light-producing and technological benefits, including lower energy consumption and brighter lights. As regards consumption, these lights have been proven to use 45% less energy and as far as luminosity, brightness, the color reproduction index and reduced light scattering lead to greater clarity.

In terms of technology, it is important to mention the useful life of these lights, which is ten years. Also important is the reduction in failures given the electronic technology, and the decrease in the number of its components. The lights that will be installed in the first phase are mainly from Brazil and Spain. The selection process thereof was carried out following exhaustive analysis of the results of the pilot plans conducted in 2013 in the city, which involved the testing of different brands and lighting power, in order to choose the best option for the city's public lighting.

The installation of the LED lights places Bogotá in the vanguard in terms of the mass use of this technology in public lighting.



   72nd Street, between 7th and Caracas Avenue (98 lights).

   53rd Street, between 7th and 68th Avenue (341 lights).

   57th Street, between 13th and 30th Avenue (116 lights).

   9th Avenue, between 13th and 26th Street (17 lights).

   22nd, 23rd and 24th Street, between 3rd and 7th Avenue (37 lights).

   17th Street, between 7th and 10th Avenue (10 lights).

   50th Avenue, between Batallón Avenue and 63rd Street (186 lights).

   45th Street, between 13th and 30th Avenue (99 lights).

   13th Avenue, between 13th and 69th Street (431 lights).

   Autopista Norte, between 170th and 234th Street (381 lights).

   Jiménez Avenue, between 3rd Avenue and Caracas Avenue (169 lights).

   3rd Street, between 19th and 68th Avenue (304 lights).

   Villas Avenue, between 127th and 152nd Street (160 lights).

   152nd Street, between Autopista Norte and Villas Avenue (94 lights).

   13th Avenue, between 134th and 234th Street (88 lights).

   34th Street, between Concejo and 13th Avenue (73 lights).

   44th Street South from Cross street 33 to Caracas between Centro Mayor and Cross street. 33 (145 lights).

   8th Street South, between 50th and 27th Avenue (144 lights).

   1st Street, between 10th and 27th Avenue (144 lights).

   27th Avenue, between 8th Street South and the Roundabout on 50th Avenue (258 lights).

   11th Avenue, between 100th and 64th Street (618 lights).

   19th Street Avenue of the Americas on 3rd Avenue (290 lights).

   Esperanza Avenue, between Avenue of the Americas and 100th Avenue (850 lights).

   8th Street South on Terreros Avenue (1,126 lights).

   80th Street, between Los Héroes and Puente Guadua (772 lights).

   Caracas Avenue, between Los Héroes and La Picota (830 lights).

   50th Avenue, in the Puente Aranda Sector (252 lights).

   Primero de Mayo Avenue, between San Blas Hospital (4th Avenue) and to Agoberto Mejía Avenue (80th Avenue) (752 lights).

   Ciudad de Cali Avenue, between Avenue of the Americas and Suba (1,798 lights).


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