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 CODENSA installs new anti-vandalism electricity box covers to prevent the theft of infrastructure 

 11/27/2014  Bogotá 


• Thus far, 110 covers have been installed in areas considered critical due to robbery and vandalism rates. • The installed covers are made of fiberglass, meaning that they have little commercial value, and they have a special locking system.

With the aim of finding solutions that help to prevent the theft of energy distribution service infrastructure, as part of a pilot plan CODENSA is installing innovative fiberglass electricity box covers that have a special locking system which can only be opened with special equipment owned by the Company.

The covers were developed by CODENSA, together with Disproducts. So far, 110 covers have been installed in areas considered critical in regards to theft. These areas have been identified during the on-going inspection visits made by the Company, or as a result of community reports. 

This pilot, in which 210 covers will be installed, will allow the behavior of the fiberglass material under city conditions to be assessed, along with the aging and safety of the theft protection lock and other conditions that are key in determining covers' effectiveness.

One of the most important features of these covers is that the material has no commercial interest, meaning that theft of the covers themselves is not an issue. It is also impossible for the locking system to be manipulated by third parties, since the locks can only be removed using specialized equipment.

The new electricity box covers have additional technical benefits: the material requires no maintenance and lasts an estimated 60 years, compared with 5 years for the covers presently in use. They are also dielectric (they do not conduct electricity), and are resistant to fire, UV rays and other chemicals.

It is important to recall that the theft of electricity box covers and the theft of other network elements represents a risk not only to those who carry out such acts, but also to people nearby or those who otherwise come into contact with the equipment. The theft of elements also leads to the deterioration of infrastructure, due to the accumulation of debris and exposure to outdoor conditions. This affects service quality in the area where the acts occur.

For this reason CODENSA once again recommends that the community call the emergency attention line (115) when unusual situations that may be related to energy infrastructure theft or vandalism are observed.

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