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 Codensa’s “consumption simulator”: A key tool to know how to save energy 

 3/10/2016  Bogotá 


• This digital tool allows clients to have an energy consumption guide for home appliances and to know how much they would save by decreasing their use. • The “Consumption Simulator” considers parameters like socioeconomic level, amount of people who live in the household, and the number of home appliances they use.

CODENSA, a company of the Enel Group, presents an innovative web application that allows clients to simulate their home energy consumption, per appliance or in total, considering factors like socioeconomic level, amount of people who live in the household and the number of home appliances they use.

This application, which was created in 2013, has become a very useful tool because of the national need to save during the current energy crisis. With it, people will be able to make decisions on saving, as it allows them to know how much energy they are using and how much they would be saving when they eliminate or decrease the use of certain home appliances.

In order to use it, first enter the following link: Once there, select the socioeconomic level, the amount of people living in the home, as well as other information needed for calculation. Once these factors are validated, select the home appliances that each property has, the estimated time of use and the amount of devices. As the home appliances and information is added, the application will immediately calculate the total consumption in kilowatts and the price of this consumption.

Once each home appliance’s consumption is known, depending on the time it is used, the people can make decisions on how to save most effectively, restricting use of those that consume the most energy or those that are not as necessary.

CODENSA’s “Consumption Simulator” is easy to use, free and available to all clients. It can be found at the following link:

We invite you to learn more through the attached video on how the application works.


Codensa S.A. ESP is a company dedicated to distributing and selling electric energy, as well as a leader in the market, with more than two million clients in Bogotá, in 97 municipalities of Cundinamarca, 8 in Boyacá and 1 in Tolima. Established in 1997, Codensa has an installed power greater than 8,303 MVA (megavolt amperes) along 43.754 kilometers of high, medium and low tension network. The company generates around 8,000 jobs both directly and indirectly in the country.

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