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 Codensa Launches A Service Center In Suba 

 10/20/2015  Bogotá 


• With an investment of COP 1,616 million, CODENSA has opened its eighth modernized Customer Service Center.

CODENSA has recently opened the new Suba 91 Customer Service Center, located on Carrera 91 N° 139-34 in areas 1 and 2. This Customer Service Center has a more comfortable and modern infrastructure, which will provide customers with a more personalized and pleasant experience.

With an investment of COP 1,611 million, the new Center has three large waiting rooms and 16 service modules, especially designed to be closer with the users when they interact with the Company. Additionally, the Customer Service Center has the physical conditions to make it easy for the disabled to access the facilities, an initiative that is part of the "CODENSA is inclusive" social responsibility program, which intends to promote inclusive social processes for the disabled and senior citizens, such as a customer service model in line with the the needs of this population.

This office will replace the one located in the Suba Rincón neighborhood; however, it will maintain its average monthly capacity of assisting 5,000 people. This new location makes the Center more visible to the customers, as it is located on Avenida Suba and is close to TransMilenio stations.

Likewise, it has a safer and more accessible environment within the Suba 91 Mall, and will include closed-circuit television, parking lots, elevator and private security, among other things. At the Suba 91 Customer Service Center, customers will be able to address all their needs related to the utility, carry out processes for Crédito Fácil and CODENSA Hogar, file grievances on service quality and pay their bills, among others.

Additionally, this office has two self-service modules, one of which is in the virtual area next to the Redeban payment kiosk and the other that is available 24 hours a day by telephone line, located in an area especially designed with access to the Service Center's facade. At these devices, the customers can get a copy of their bills and ask questions about their service. Furthermore, a large collection area is available with a waiting area large enough to hold 100 people and nine cashiers operated by Colpatria.

This transition is part of the strategic renovation plan of all CODENSA's Customer Service Centers, in which the Company has invested more than COP 21,000 million since its start in 2010. Its goal is to create more comfortable spaces to get closer to the customers.

All of the remodeling processes have been conducted under the LEED standards, a global strategy for the creation of eco-friendly structures, which includes spaces with a bio-climatic design for ventilation and lighting control, cutting edge technology in high efficiency air conditioning, use of rainwater, LED and natural lighting, among others.

This makes eight modernized Centers up to now: Avenida Suba, San Diego, Venecia, Soacha, Calle 80, Chapinero, Madrid in Cundinamarca and now Suba 91. The Customer Service Centers in Mesitas de El Colegio and La Vega are currently in the remodeling stage and will be operating this year.

With the ongoing commitment to offer more comfortable spaces to our customers, CODENSA will continue to develop the remodeling plan for commercial offices – such as Santa Librada, Kennedy, Restrepo, La Palma, Ubaté, Zipaquirá, Chocontá and Chía – over the next three years.

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