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 Codensa and Emgesa rang the bell for Gender Equality at the Colombia Stock Exchange 

 3/9/2017  Bogotá 


• The symbolic act “Ring the Bell for Gender Equality” was held today at the Colombia Stock Exchange as part of the International Women’s Day. • For more than five years, CODENSA and EMGESA, member companies of the Enel Group, have been implementing initiatives aimed at promoting equal workspaces. • About 30% of CODENSA and EMGESA’S staff are made up of women, a challenging number for a male-majority sector, as is the electric sector.

CODENSA and EMGESA, member companies of the Enel Group in Colombia, participated in the initiative promoted by UN Women “Ring the Bell for Gender Equality “, held today at the Colombia Stock Exchange.

During the ceremony, Lucio Rubio Díaz, CEO of ENEL Colombia, together with other business executives who also stand out for their commitment to gender equality and women’s economic empowerment, performed the traditional bell ringing and participated in a panel that conveyed the private sector’s commitment to gender equality.

“At CODENSA and EMGESA we believe that working in diversity demonstrates the company’s ability to be at the forefront of people management and the true commitment to a sustainable vision of the future,” said Lucio Rubio Díaz, CEO of ENEL Colombia. “We are really committed to the ongoing promotion of gender equality in our companies. This is evidenced by the increase in women recruitment in the last three years, reaching a 30% share of female personnel in the Companies, 24% in management positions, very significant figures especially considering that we are immersed in a traditionally male-majority sector, as is the electric sector.”

This year, for the first time, Colombia is participating in this initiative as an opening act for the country’s Stock Exchange operations, seeking to raise awareness of the fundamental role that the private sector can play in achieving the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 5) of the 2030 Agenda, which aims to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

CODENSA and EMGESA continue working to ensure women a level playing field, non-discriminatory remuneration and salary, training, promotion and professional development, as well as a healthy and equal working environment, non-sexist communication and inclusive language.


The work of CODENSA and EMGESA in this area has been recognized on several occasions by such entities as the Ministry of Labor, the consulting firm Aequales and the Colegio de Estudios Superiores de Administración (CESA School of Business), which highlighted that the practices implemented within the Companies have a real and positive impact on the employees’ quality of life, to which there is a commitment at all levels of the organization, specially the senior management, to support programs and initiatives and to turn the concept of equality into an key issue of the Companies’ general strategy.

CODENSA and EMGESA received last year the Equality Seal - Equipares, awarded by the Ministry of Labor, certifying them as the first companies in the electricity sector with a clear strategic approach in the development of labor equality practices that seek to ensure equal access to opportunities for men and women alike.

Another recognition of their efforts is having been selected among the country’s ten most inclusive companies in the first corporate gender equity ranking in Colombia. The classification was conducted by the consulting firm Aequales and CESA School of Business.


Codensa y Emgesa are subsidiaries of the Italian Enel Group, one of the leading companies worldwide that generates, distributes and markets sustainable energy, respecting people and the environment. Enel serves over 60 million residential and commercial customers in 40 countries and creates value for 1.3 million investors.

Codensa S.A. ESP is a company devoted to electric power distribution and marketing, leading the market with over two million customers throughout Bogota, 97 municipalities in Cundinamarca, 8 in Boyaca, and 1 in Tolima. Formed in 1997, Codensa has an installed capacity of over 8,303 MVA (mega volt-amperes) along 43,754 kilometers of high, medium and low Voltage networks. The Company generates close to 8,000 direct and indirect employments nationwide.

EMGESA S.A., is a company devoted to electric power generation and marketing in Colombia, with over 800 customers in the Unregulated Market and a total installed generation capacity of 3,058.8 MW, which could meet the national demand uninterruptedly for more than 3 years. Since 2013, it serves as natural gas trading agent in the negotiation processes with producers, traders and customers of the Unregulated Market.

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