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 Codensa cup - Enel: Let’s play for values 

 9/9/2016  Bogotá 


• The 5th soccer tournament is free, its basic purpose being exalting and promoting eight basic coexistence values: solidarity, responsibility, loyalty, honesty, trust, commitment, and fair play. • For the Company, this is a bet to help forming better citizens and decisively contribute with the youngsters’ educational process.

The third CODENSA- ENEL Cup has just started, a Company sustainability initiative through sports whose aim is strengthening eight social values that will help form better citizens.

The soccer 5 tournament, which features an educational approach, involves participation by boys and girls between 13 and 15 years of age from sporting schools of the 20 city locations. This year's edition will be participated by 36 male teams and 20 female teams, for a total of 448 youngsters.

The third version of the CODENSA - ENEL Cup will be played between September 5 and October 22, following the World Cup model: eight groups of four teams, of which the first two of each will classify to the second round. Participants will receive a complete uniform, instead of their last names their T-shirts showing one of the eight values. At the end of the tournament, special recognition will be given to the team having played in the fairest manner.

Additionally, the Cup is played off-field, with value workshops in which the players, together with their families, participate in recreational training activities, exalting virtues whose goal is generating behaviors in which the concepts of responsibility, trust, and fair game, among others, will be applied to all their life endeavors.

Four workshops are carried out during the tournament on value-related issues, analyzing specific cases and life dilemmas and benefiting some 448 persons.


With an investment of close to COP $400 million, at the end of the CODENSA-ENEL Cup the winning teams, both feminine and masculine, will receive a trip to Spain during which the children will meet the Real Madrid soccer team, in addition to participating in recreational and sporting activities in the city. Runners-up will receive a trip to a national destination and will during four days participate in cultural and sporting activities in the city. The second runner-up will receive a sports kit for the whole team.

There will be a total of 100 games, which will be played in the soccer fields of the various locations, with free entry.


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