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 Codensa enters the era of intelligent electric power readings 

 9/6/2016  Bogotá 


• CODENSA brings to the country the most modern intelligent electric power reading technology. • Intelligent reading is the first step towards network digitization, an essential condition to help Bogotá become the first intelligent city in the country. • CODENSA has the support and experience of the ENEL Group, developer of this intelligent electric power reading technology, already tested in 40 million meters installed in Italy and in Spain and undergoing tests in Romania and Chile.

• The 40,000 clients in this first phase will receive meters at no cost.

• The main benefits that this technology will bring include having detailed energy usage information, the possibility of quicker reconnections, and improvements to the meter reading process upon being made remotely.

CODENSA, an ENEL Group company, started the largest intelligent electric power meter reading project in the country, this being the first step to digitize its energy distribution system.

For the first time, a Colombian energy company implements a project of this size, which will benefit municipalities and make it a pioneer in the use of technologies in benefit of its clients.

"It is extremely satisfactory for us to present this significant technological innovation project, with which we are implementing modern electric power meter reading equipment in our distribution system, with a technology developed by the Enel Group - which Codensa belongs to - and which we today make available to our clients", said the Codensa Infrastructure and Grids Manager David Felipe Acosta.

During the first phase of the project, which will be concluded in December of this year, equipment will be installed free of charge to 40,000 clients in Puente Aranda, Suba, Fontibón, and Engativá in Bogotá, Zipaquirá, and Cogua, with an investment close to COP $21,000 million.

The initial clients benefiting from this technology were selected taking into account their service use conditions (commercial or residential), their category, and the grid's technical characteristics, among others, to create a group representative of clients served by Codensa.

In the future, this technology will be available to the more than 2,900,000 Codensa clients, which upon being able to manage their electric power usage will achieve significant energy savings, in addition to improvements in the service quality benefiting Bogotá and Cundinamarca.

"From our Companies, we are helping building intelligent cities. We have implemented various programs, ranging from implementation of innovative mechanisms in order to better liaise with our clients and get closer to them to technological projects such as intelligent readings, a technology that will allow our clients to more efficiently manage their electric power upon having available detailed usage information", stated the ENEL Colombia general Director Lucio Rubio Díaz.

It has been reported that, in countries in which this technology is already being widely used, up to 3% energy improvements have been achieved in energy consumption, in the average.

In the case of Italy, according to the Regulator (Autorità per l’Energia Elettrica, il Gas e il Sistema Idrico) the results of an ENEL project analysis show energy usage savings between 2% and 6%


Once all meters in this first phase have been installed, our clients will be able to start enjoying the first benefits of such technology. They will be able to establish their consumption behavior, by days and by hours, and compare it with that of other clients of the same characteristics, this way allowing them to better manage the resource and generate better consumption habits.

In addition, in case of electric bill payment delays our clients will have a minimum 3-day grace period before the service is fully suspended.

The intelligent meters will allow the Company to prepare electric bills and perform electric service reconnections remotely, this way eliminating the need of potential visits, reducing response times, and eliminating the risk of persons pretending to be Codensa employees or contractors.

The entire intelligent measurement system will allow Codensa to more quickly identify service problems and locate them in our clients' facilities, this way shortening repair times.


Meters to be installed during this first phase feature the most modern technology available in the market, developed by the ENEL Group and used by 40 million clients around the world: some 32 millions in Italy and 8 million in Spain.

In addition to Bogotá, the Group is currently developing pilot projects in Romania and Chile.


1. European Commission Report on smartmetering in 27 countries having already implemented this technology-2014.

2. Study made by the Regulator in 2015 to 8000 clients.

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