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 The Codensa client ombudsman celebrates 15 years with the Corporate Social Responsibility Andesco award 

 7/1/2016  Cartagena 


● CODENSA received the Corporate Social Responsibility Andesco award as the Best Corporate Governance Environment for public utilities and communications companies, for its Client Ombudsman’s Office initiative and management. ● CODENSA was the first public utilities company in Colombia to voluntarily create the Client Ombudsman Office 15 years ago as a tool to improve balance between the company and its clients.

● Two out of three clients having called the Ombudsman have seen improvements in their initial requests or claims to the company.

During the XVIII Public Utilities Andesco Congress, TIC and TV, CODENSA - an ENEL group company - received the award as the Best Corporate Governance Environment given to public utilities and communications companies.

The Andesco award, which for 11 years now has been recognizing efforts made by Colombian organizations related to corporate social responsibility, was given to the Company on account of its Client Ombudsman program, the first and only one voluntarily created by a public utilities company in Colombia.

In the category of Best Corporate Governance Environment, the jury, comprised of experts such as Cecilia Rodríguez González-Rubio, former Minister of the Environment, and Eduardo Behrentz, Universidad de los Andes de Bogotá Development Assistant Director, among others, selected Codensa as the winner on account of its governance management, ethics, and transparency demonstrated through this Program.

Under its corporate Social Responsibility Program, the Client Ombudsman Office was created in 2001 by Codensa, aimed to creating a mediation channel between the company and its clients that would allow resolving conflicts not initially settled through normal channels or in a manner satisfactory to its clients.

From its creation 15 years ago, some 13,000 technical and commercial cases related to the provision of energy services have been resolved, in the average within 11 business days.

In 68% of the cases, the company revoked, changed, or conciliated decisions previously made, this way showing the Codensa conciliatory desire to directly resolve controversies with the clients, ratifying the Ombudsman's independence and the Company's respect for his opinions and decisions. In fact, the pedagogical effect some of these have had have led the Company to change some processes in order to improve the service and its customers' service.

Currently, a team of 10 persons work with the Client Ombudsman's Office, an independent body inside the Company in which all decisions are made based on concepts related to protecting the consumers' rights and the Company duties.

"15 years ago we had the idea to "get in the clients' shoes" in order to resolve conflicts and build channels that would allow us to consolidate relationships based on trust and transparency with them. We are convinced that initiatives such as governance, ethics, and transparency - e.g. the Clients' Ombudsman - create a social fabric allowing the parties to resolve their differences directly, this way contributing to reduce conflicts in line with the national peace policy, which is the way we hope it will continue to be", said Lucio Rubio Diaz, Enel General Director in Colombia.

This is the third time a company from the Enel group in Colombia receives the Andesco award for Corporate Social Responsibility. In 2009, EMGESA, an electric power generator, was the winner in two categories: Best Corporate Governance and Best Environmental Performance.

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