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Working with people and for people has always been Codensa’s premise; thus, providing tools is an asset that allows us to better serve our clients

  • Ethic Code

    The Company already has rules and codes of conduct in place that oblige all its employees to behave in an appropriate manner in their dealings with external partners – shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers, creditors and authorities
  • Occupational health and safety

    Codensa is committed to promoting a culture based on innovation, commitment and excellence with the best health and safety rates, while nurturing talent and striving to be among the most sought-after companies to work for among the top professionals in its sector
  • Sustainability Strategic Plan

    Codensa's strategy in the area of sustainable development is set out in the company’s 2008-2012 Strategic Sustainability Plan, which lays down corporate policies aimed at achieving full integration between the three aspects of sustainability (financial, social and environmental) and generating value for the company.