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 Our History  

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CODENSA S.A. ESP. It is a Colombian company dedicated to the distribution and commercialization of electrical energy. It was created in the year 1997 as a result of the capitalization process of the Bogotá energy Company (BSE).

It reaches more than 100 municipalities in Cundinamarca and covers 100% of the country's capital. In addition, it generates about 14,000 direct and indirect jobs.

Through Enersis, we are an Enel Group Company. In terms of installed capacity, Enel Group is the second largest electric power company in Europe. It operates in 34 countries, has more 72 million residential and business customers and generates more than 88 GW of installed capacity. The company is present throughout Latin America in Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and Peru.

    CODENSA, has as its major operational indicators:
  • Over 120 Substations for sound and reliable service.
  • 3.3 million clients, making it the number one power company in Colombia in number of clients.
  • More than 71.358 of medium and low voltage networks covering the entire city of Bogotá and the rural area of Cundinamarca.
  • Its national market share is 22,36%.

CODENSA, boosts and support the electric mobility in the country, through the clean and smart power supply for bikes, motorbikes, buses, freight vehicles and public transport that will enter into the market to contribute with the environmental conservation.