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 Our Business  

Codensa is the leading Company in electric power distribution and marketing, with a 22,36% total market share. It operates in Bogotá, in more than 100 municipalities of Cundinamarca, in 8 municipalities of Boyacá and in one of Tolima.

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    Corporate Clients:

    CODENSA offers commercial clients solutions to turn electric power into a productive input, contributing to the productivity of their businesses. An encompassing precuts and services, portfolio, workshops and advice how to optimize energy use, and information on the energy consumption of their companies, are available to our clients.

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    Constructor Clients:

    We have created for you a complete service including counseling in energizing, and agreements that contribute to the cash flow of your construction projects.

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    Telecommunication Clients:

    We offer the existing infrastructure and networks though leasing agreements, for you to locate the networks required by your telecommunications or sites interconnection business.

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