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 Sustainability Plan  

Codensa, an Endesa Company in Colombia, understand that it’s main contribution to society is the provision of quality service to the communities it covers to allow their socio-economic and cultural development. Codensa is aware of its role as a responsible corporate citizen and as such, contributes to the construction of a more peaceful, just, and solidary society.

The sustainability plan consists of commitments that constitute the guide and basis of the performance of Companies and its compliance is expressly promoted by their management, involving each and every one of its employees, contractors and suppliers, serving as the basis for the sustainability reports.

The process of developing the Endesa Sustainability Plan has stemmed from a process of identification and understanding of the expectations of its main groups of interest in relation to the performance of its commitments, to identify the added values of the Company, starting from the Corporate Plan but adapting them to the different geographical areas where it operates.

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