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 Sustainability Policy 

For our companies, sustainability is an integral part in the management of our operations, we create shared value, protect the environment, promote the local development of the communities where we operate and comply with the regulatory framework Existing.

Within this management, we involve our stakeholders, we seek to maximize operational efficiency, continuous innovation and decarbonization in our operations, through the application of our corporate values, covenant principles Global, zero-corruption tolerance, codes of ethics, respect and application of the norms in force.

In 2016, we established a framework of guidelines for the company's sustainability Plan based on future trends in social, environmental, economic and corporate governance, as well as the most important issues obtained from the analysis of Materiality and the challenges for the energy sector and the sustainability of the organization.

We formalize the model of creation of shared value, adopted by the Enel group through the CSV (creating shared Value) policy, as the way to integrate business sustainability. This allows us to establish the methods, functions and responsibilities for identifying shared-value projects through all value chains.

We incorporate the fundamental pillars and strategic lines of the Enel group vision to contribute to the achievement of four of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (ODS) of the United Nations, committing publicly with: access to electricity, Climate change, socioeconomic development and education.

The chart shows the ODS and how with our sustainability Plan lines, we target each ODS.

Additional to the declared commitment, the strategic lines of our sustainability Plan contribute to the achievement of the 17 ODS as follows: