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  • Contract Terms and General Contracting Conditions

    Contract Terms and General Contracting Conditions

    From 1 October 2014 the fourth edition of the General Conditions of Contract of the Enel Group will be online. The new standard contract will be applied to contracts for works, services and supplies agreed by the companies of the Enel Group and Contractors. Since October 1, the General Conditions will apply in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Chile Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Romania and Slovakia.
  • Suppliers Registration

    Suppliers Registration

    The only way to join the large family of Enel Group suppliers is to register through the Enel Global Procurement Portal.
  • Supplier Qualification Process

    Supplier Qualification Process

    The Qualification System aims to have eligible suppliers for the provision of services or the delivery of products in accordance with the standards established by the Group.
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    ICA format providers

    Please download the instructions and the required format: