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 Special Collection 

We offer you the possibility to make your payment in an easy, fast and 100% secure way.

The button you are going to access is authorized by CODENSA S.A ESP, a company of Enel Group Colombia, for the payment of special collection concepts and for energy payments by Large Payers previously authorized by the company.

1. For non-energy Special Collection concepts:

Below is the list of the Special Collection concepts accepted for payment through this medium.

Registered information is protected under Law 1581 of 2012 (Data Protection Act).

03 Retired Personnel Home Loan
09 Contributions
10 Legalization of Advance Payments or Petty Cash
13 Loss of ID
14 Invoice with Non-Energy Bar Code (Example: Codensa Services, Infrastructure Rental, Christmas Lighting, Work For Individuals, Etc).
15 STR - Regional Broadcast System
16 SDL - Tolls
21 Pension Retroactive and/or Pension Reimbursement Payments
22 Prepaid Medicine
23 Disabilities
24 EPS Reimbursements and Compensation Funds
36 Infrastructure Damages
37 Induction Stoves Business
38 Marketing Business Stoves Background
46 Execution of Electrical Works
52 Active Personnel Vehicle Loan
54 Active Personnel Home Appliance Loan
55 Active Personnel Comprehensive Housing Loan
56 Active Personnel Conventional Housing Loan
57 Active Personnel Calamity Loan
58 Retired Personnel Vehicle Loan
59 Retired Personnel Educational Loan
60 Retired Personnel Home Appliance Loan
61 Active Personnel Dental Loan
62 Active Personnel Advance Loan
63 Active Personnel Unrestricted Use Loan
64 Active Personnel Vacation Loan
65 Active Personnel Higher Education Loan
66 Active Personnel Training Loan
67 Active Personnel Guaranteed University Loan
68 Other Active Personnel Employee Loan
69 Partial Payments for Claims
70 Social Security - Pension
71 "Qualification" Provider Registration
72 Plan Sales
73 Folio Sales
74 Legal Processes - Fluid Defraudation
75 University Reimbursements
76 Refund for Higher Value Paid
77 STR - Prepayments Decision No. 159 of 2011
78 SDL - Prepayments Decision No. 159 of 2011
79 Container Deposits Refund
80 Retired Personnel Calamity Loan
81 Retired Personnel Vacation Loan
82 Debtors Insurance
83 Financing and Late Interest
84 Other - Detail Concept Description
85 Former EEC Contributions
86 ADDs Distribution Areas - Old EEC Customers
87 Non Regulated Market - Former EEC Customers
88 Former EEC Public Lighting

2. Energy payments from large payer previously authorized by the company:

Codensa Codensa – Former EEC